Product - Guru Seva 5.2

Guru Seva is an integrated application that spans   across all   functional requirements and departments of educational institutions and societies.

Users of Guruseva

A School Management System with very user friendly interface is designed and developed in a modular approach that enable us to manage the complex activities of the educational institutions.

Guru Seva has evolved and matured over a period of twelve years through feedback from the customers and experts from its advisory board.

Guru Seva is being used by schools, large and small alike across the country and outside and has bagged repeat orders from customers.

Guru Seva is being supported by a customer focused support centers. There is also a dedicated help desk, which is just a phone call, or email away.

How Guru Seva is different from other Educational Management Products

The difference between Guru Seva and other Products is domain expertise, value, and technology. The Company believes that it offers the most comprehensive suite of services on the market and does so at the most competitive rates.

guruseva management software General Benefits

Reduction of Administrative Costs.

Provide a more Flexible working Framework.

Decentralize customer Service.

Reduce Administrative workload.

Centralize Corporate Activities.

Improve Business Processes.

Increase Security and Minimize Fraud.

Reduces Total Cost of Ownership.

More Time to focus on Strategic Tasks.

Better informed decision making for management.

Parents have access to all academic information about their wards through the internet.

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